Branches of Biology

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Most important branches of biology for Kerala PSC exam and Other competitive exams like SSC, Railways and Other states PSC Exam

Anatomy: Study of Internal structure of an Organism

Arthrology: Study of Joints

Agronomy: Study Management of farms and the science of crop production

Anthology: Study of flowers

Apiculture: Study of Honey bee

Araneology:Study of spiders

Angiology: Study of Blood vessels

Cytology: Study of Structure and Functions of cells

Chromatology: Study of pigments

Conchology: Study of Shells

Craniology: Study of skull

Cardiology: Study of Heart

Dermatology: Study of Skin

Ecology: Study of inter-relationship between living organisms and their environment

Entomology: Study of Insects

Genetics: The scientific study of the ways in which different characteristics are passed from each generation of living things to the next. That is the study of genes and heredity.

Herpetology: Study of reptiles and amphibians

Horticulture: Study of plants cultivated in gardens and Orchards

Hepatology: Study of Liver

Haematology: Study of Blood

Ichthyology: Study of Fish

Limnology: Study of bodies of freshwater / Lakes

Karology : Study of Human beauty

Mammology: Study of mammals

Myology: Study of muscles

Mycology: Study of Fungi

Nephrology: Study of Kidney

Neurology: Study of Nervous system

Nidology: Study of Nests of Birds

Nosology: Study of classification of diseases

Ornithology: Study of Birds

Odontology: Study of teeth

Ophiology: Study of Snakes

Ophthalmology: Study of Eyes

Osteology: Study of Bones

Oncology: Study of tumours

Palaeontology: Study of Fossils

Pedology: Study of different types of Soil

Pomology: Study of Fruits

Pathology: Study of nature, symptoms, cause, effects, prevention and suggestive cure of disease

Phycology: Study of Algae

Pharmacology: Study of Medicine or Drug plants

Phrenology: Study of mental faculties of the brain including feelings

Rhinology: Study of Nose and Olfactory organs

Serology: Study of serum; interaction of Antigens and Antibodies in the blood

Sedimentology: Study of rocks and fossils

Saurology: Study of Lizards

Spelaeology: Study of Caves and cave life

Taxonomy: Study of principles of identification,nomenclature and classification of the organisms

Trichology: Study of Hair and Scalp

Therapeutics: Study of healing

Urology: Study that deals with diseases of the male and female urinary tract

Virology: Study of Viruses

Zoology: Study of Animals


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